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About us

Smart Search Capabilities

Our technology covers both short-tail and long-tail traffic for each vertical we operate, capturing the highest amount of quality shoppers possible.
Our smart marketing infrastructure gives us an edge in accurately reaching all types of high-intent searchers using the right messaging that optimizes conversions. Our mission is simple: we want to add value to our users all while simplifying their shopping experience.
Our team at Exon Media is made up of 30 industry experts with a passion for e-commerce and a dedicated work ethic
We operate sites in over 20 countries in the EU, US, CA, and around the world
We offer a deals curation service from hundreds of merchants
Our AI technology allows us to outperform competitors by using high-quality data

Exon Media Leadership

Our team is revolutionizing the way consumers shop online since 2015
Nir Shabtai
Founder & CEO
Moti Zharfati
Founder & CTO
Nir Alloush
VP of Business Development
Haim Kesler
Head of PPC
Ilana Albo
PPC Manager
Daniel Ashur
Front-end Developer
Or Lion
Full-stack Developer

Our Organisational Structure

Achieving the goals of our organization
The growth team oversees all our marketing effort while analyzing new trends and working closely with the Business Development unit to find new ways to grow.
Our SEM team is responsible for managing the entire marketing circle, defining our marketing strategy, in addition to launching and optimizing various PPC campaigns.
Our R&D team is focused on seeking new ways to improve our machine learning automation technology.
The algorithmics team endeavors to improve our algorithms in order to optimize our search engine and recommendations for our shoppers.
Our product team works on our websites’ UI & UX so that they’re appealing and user-friendly.
Our design team is in charge of designing all of our websites with both the users’ intentions and our partners’ goals in mind.
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