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Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

The “EXONMEDIA” website, which operates under the domain name “” (hereinafter: “the Site“) is an accessible site for people with disabilities.


Accessibility adjustments

The following is a detailed description of the accessibility adjustments on the site:

A clear view of the site components.
Navigating the site is also possible using the keyboard only using the TAB + Enter keys.
Adapting the site for using the al Chrome recent browser versions.
The site allows the use of screen reader software.
The site has an accessibility plugin that offers an accessibility toolbar as follows:
Increase text
Decrease text
High contrast
Negative contrast
Light background
Links underline
Readable font
You can open the accessibility plugin from the keyboard using the TAB + Enter keys.


Accessibility inquiries

If you encounter an accessibility problem on the site or to the extent that the site or part of it is inaccessible to you, please contact the site operator using the following contact details:

Operator Name: Exonmedia Ltd


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